These Tiny Neutron Generators Could Pave the Way for Fusion

The Madison, Wisconsin-based startup Phoenix has scouted a team of nuclear elites for a new frontier: small reactors that can revolutionize medical imaging, munitions scanning, and even non-destructive testing for quality assurance.

SHINE & Phoenix Combine for World Record

Phoenix and SHINE Achieve New World Record for Strongest Nuclear Fusion Reaction in a Steady-State System

Leading nuclear technology companies collaborating to help turn nuclear weapons into medicine and help a billion patients

Breakthrough has potential to transform medical isotope production, solve a global health care shortage, provide a stepping stone to cleaner, safer, more abundant energy

Phoenix Completes Milestone Test With Unprecedented Neutron Output And Reliability

ANESVILLE, Wis., June 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Phoenix, LLC, a Madison, WI nuclear technology company, and SHINE Medical Technologies, a Janesville, WI medical isotope production company, today announced completion of a 132-hour test of the high-flux Phoenix neutron generator that will drive SHINE’s medical isotope production system. This is a vital milestone in proving out the performance and reliability of Phoenix’s neutron generator technology and SHINE’s medical isotope production process.