MADISON, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Kiio and Quartz Health Solutions unveiled the results of a one-year study to evaluate the impact of Kiio’s digital program on the challenges presented by low back pain. Quartz offered Kiio, customized and white-labeled to Quartz as MobileBack, to plan members with a history of low back pain and living near Madison, Wisconsin. The results demonstrate tremendous improvements among Kiio participants compared to a non-participant group:

New study from @kiioinc & Quartz Health Solutions shows the success of #digitalhealth therapeutics for improving health outcomes, lowering costs for low back pain, and reducing #opioid prescriptions

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  • 100% decrease in ED and urgent care visits
  • 78% decrease in filled opioid prescriptions
  • 3.5 times less likely to have an MRI
  • 1.8 times less likely to have a spinal injection
  • 55% reduction in low-back-pain-related medical spend

“Back pain has consistently ranked in our top three for both claims prevalence and cost. We know this is an area where our members struggle, and we had the vision to really look outside the box for something not only evidence-based, but also member-centric. Kiio provided that innovative approach that helps our members live healthier lives, take fewer medications, and avoid unnecessary medical services,” said Elaine Rosenblatt, MSN, FNP-BC, Director of Quality and Care Management, Quartz Health Solutions.

Dr. Mary Pak, Medical Director at Quartz, confirmed, “Our goals centered around improving member quality of life and easing member access to care. We achieved that. The reduction in the cost of care was a notable result.”

Participants achieved significant pain reduction and were extremely satisfied with their experience, with 86% of participants saying they had learned to better manage their pain. Participants reported that they used the digital program more regularly because of its easy 24/7 access, interactive digital coaching, and the accountability tools that kept them on track.

“These are significant results and typical of the benefits we see across the board with our partners,” said David Grandin, founder and CEO of Kiio. “Forward thinking health plans and employers are seeking new consumer-centric approaches for chronic health issues. Low back pain affects a significant portion of the population – one out of every three adults in the United States every year. Traditional approaches lack consistent effectiveness, leading to unnecessary suffering, rampant medical and disability costs, and lost productivity. Low back pain is also the number one cause of opioid prescriptions, and the impact of the opioid epidemic on our communities is incalculable. Kiio reduces opioid use, and helps people get back to enjoying their lives.”

Low back pain costs the U.S. over $100 billion annually, with health plans and employers shouldering most of the costs.

Quartz has made significant strides to provide effective care for low back pain and address these costs using Kiio. Given the positive results, the Quartz family of health plans is moving forward with a full rollout of the program. Quartz is also working with its provider partners to integrate the program into primary care to achieve more extensive reach and benefits for its members.

“What’s so exciting about MobileBack is how member-centric it is. It really meets members where they are in their journey from pain to health, and this is significant for them,” said Rosenblatt. “The program also aligns with our strategic initiatives to achieve wellness, optimal member experience, and opioid reduction, and is a new tool for our provider partners. We’re extremely excited by the potential to have a broader impact.”

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About Kiio

Kiio, a pioneer in digital therapeutics, is focused on changing the paradigm for musculoskeletal care. Evidence-based, personalized, and consumer-centric, Kiio for Low Back Pain significantly reduces pain, opioid use, and medical costs, leading to improved quality of life for the individual and improved productivity and cost savings for the employer. Kiio works with both employers and health insurance companies, providing a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution tailored to the needs of its partners. For more information, visit

About Quartz

Quartz Health Solutions, Inc. is jointly owned by UW Health, Gundersen Health System and UnityPoint Health. The company manages four nationally recognized, provider-sponsored health insurance plans: Gundersen Health Plan, Inc.; Gundersen Health Plan Minnesota; Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation and Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation. As a third-party administrator, Quartz also services self-funded health plans. Through an extensive provider network, Quartz focuses on local community-based health care and services 350,000 customers who live in southern and western Wisconsin, parts of Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota from offices located in Madison, Sauk City and Onalaska, Wisconsin. Quartz Health Solutions, Inc. and SwedishAmerican, a division of UW Health, are separate legal entities. For more information, visit