MADISON, Wis.Feb. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — HealthMyne, a pioneering provider of integrated software solutions for radiomics-enabled clinical management, today announced that Carey Thomson, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School has joined the company’s growing Board of Clinical Advisors. Dr. Thomson will provide broad guidance and insight into lung cancer screening program development, patient and physician education and product focus. Dr. Thomson started and directs the Lung Cancer Screening and Thoracic Oncology Multidisciplinary Program at Mount Auburn Hospital, one of the largest programs of its kind in the U.S. Mount Auburn Hospital is part of Beth Israel Lahey Health.

Dr. Thomson serves on the Beth Israel Lahey Health Thoracic Oncology Clinical Practice Group Steering Committee and is Chair of the Implementation of Lung Screening and Nodule Surveillance Working Group. She is involved in leading statewide and national efforts to improve implementation of programs to increase the detection of early stage lung cancer through both lung cancer screening, lung nodule pathways and navigation. She has a strong interest in technology and clinical navigation to impact these efforts.

“We are delighted to work with Dr. Thomson as an advisor to further our knowledge of current and future lung cancer screening program needs,” stated Rose Higgins, HealthMyne CEO. “Dr. Thomson is regarded as one of the leading experts in lung cancer screening and she is a strong advocate for lung cancer screening-specific software for the delivery of evidence-based, compliant care. Her participation as an advisor and her experience with HealthMyne’s solutions will be instrumental in the continued development of product and support offerings that exceed expectations for the multidisciplinary lung cancer screening team.”

Dr. Thomson is Co-Chair of the American Thoracic Society (ATS) and American Lung Association (ALA) Lung Cancer Screening Implementation Guide, which supports the development and coordination of screening programs in community hospitals and health care systems nationwide and specifically recommends the use of software to manage patients in lung cancer programs as well as significant incidental findings. Additionally, Dr. Thomson serves on the American Cancer Society National Lung Cancer Roundtable’s Implementation Task Group and the American College of Radiology’s 2.0 Lung Cancer Screening Steering Committee. She also authored the in-press paper in CHEST that focuses on the need for integrated lung cancer screening-specific software with existing electronic health records.

“We know that organizations struggle to implement and grow quality lung cancer screening and nodule surveillance programs due to lack of resources and education, and therefore many eligible patients are not being screened or followed for potential early lung cancer detection,” continued Higgins. “Dr. Thomson has demonstrated the need for integrated lung cancer screening software as a critical component for programs striving to improve access to screening and shift detection to earlier stages. Her work in this area will be instrumental in guiding HealthMyne.”

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