POPS! Diabetes Care has developed a 3-part platform for diabetes management.  A one-step blood test result in a fully integrated meter that is smaller than your phone, which let’s you check your sugar anytime, anywhere.  An app that delivers personalized daily coaching in a non-judgmental way through algorithms.  And connectivity that provides immediate family and/or physician notification and sharing options. Our system allows you to fully manage your own condition, on your own terms, with something you use every day, your phone.

Pops on the go virtual care system empowers those with diabetes to Own Their Life®

Over 400 million individuals worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), have diabetes, living each day on the precipice of health determined by the level of sugar in their bloodstream.  The vigilance required to ensure that their levels are neither too high nor too low can often become all-encompassing. A circumstance that Lonny Stormo, co-founder and CEO of the Oak Park Heights, Minnesota-based startup, Pops, truly understands.