SHINE Medical Technologies is dedicated to being the world leader in safe, clean, affordable production of medical tracers and cancer treatment elements. At SHINE, our highest priority is delivering a highly reliable, high-quality supply of the medical ingredients required by nearly 100,000 patients each day which are the backbone of over thirty medical procedures primarily used to detect and treat heart disease and cancer. By working around the clock, our goal is to ensure that medical tracers are there when patients need them most.


New ways to make molybdenum-99

A crucial short-lived isotope is in short supply

One fear raised by those who oppose Britain’s leaving the European Union without a deal is that the import of radioactive isotopes for medicine would be at risk. These short-lived substances might, people wo

Shine Medical Technologies debuts therapeutics division

Medical isotopes maker Shine Medical Technologies last week created a division to make therapeutic products, saying it plans to first focus on a cancer treatment. The Janesville, Wis.-based company said its Shine Therapeutics business will begin with the development...

SHINE & Phoenix Combine for World Record

Phoenix and SHINE Achieve New World Record for Strongest Nuclear Fusion Reaction in a Steady-State System

Leading nuclear technology companies collaborating to help turn nuclear weapons into medicine and help a billion patients

Breakthrough has potential to transform medical isotope production, solve a global health care shortage, provide a stepping stone to cleaner, safer, more abundant energy