Our Evaluation Process

Thank you for your interest in Wisconsin Investment Partners. Our goal is to help companies make the best presentation possible for our group and other investors. We hope the following information makes the logistics easy and clear.

First Look

We use Venture360 as an initial screening tool. Click here for our application.  Apply at Venture360

Screening Meetings

Meetings are held monthly and occasionally on an as needed basis. We are supportive and highly inquisitive and therefore, we ask critical questions which apply to any new business proposal. If our group is interested, we will ask you to present live at our screening meeting.

Your Presentation

A sample presentation outline is provided for your guidance. If requested WIP co-managers will review and provide input so your presentation is as effective as it can be. On screening day, you will need to bring your presentation on your laptop and have the appropriate connector to the WIP provided projector (HDMI).   Download sample presentation

Follow Up

We normally communicate the status of our interests within a week following the presentation. Success at this level leads to an invitation to present to our full network at a General Membership meeting, which are typically scheduled every other month.


Sample Term Sheet

WIP often utilizes the standard term sheet offered by the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)  Link to NVCA